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Sterilized Acupuncture Needle



ISO 9001:2000



Taiwan, Republic of China



Medical disposable goods

Sterilized Acupuncture Needle

Needle Body

1.The needle point is formed in a bullet-point shape with high penetration, but without bars.

2.In processing, no need to use the electroplated treatment, so no pollution caused by electroplating solution and no toxic residual.

3.Two-time polishing treatment make a glossy and smooth surface.

Needle Handle

1.The aluminum alloy materials are shaped in an united form with high hardness and perfect hand-toughing feel.

2.Straight needle handle; no bending point; perfect manipulation.

3.The surface is treated by anode, without nickel and toxic residuals.

Casing pipe

No needle-holder design, instead, we produce a wedged flange inside the casing pipe to click with the needle handle , so as to operate with one hand.

Structure Strength

The needle handle is firmly combined with the needle body, the traction of which is not less than 8kgs.

Sterilized Method

Use the gamma ray to irradiate the polluted part and totally sterilize the needle. No toxic residual remains on its surface, safe and clean.

Packing Method

Each needle is packed with plastic bag. 200pcs per box.


Operate with one hand, shorten therapeutic time, consist with the acupuncture feature---fast, decisive, and precision, and relieve patients sting sense that substantially enhances their willingness to accept the acupuncture treatment.


Made and manufactured in Taiwan; the quality is being safeguarded with a stable supply resource.


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